Intro To Paintballing

So, You Want To Know About Paintball…

Paintballing has grown so much in popularity that there are now paintball competitions all over the world. There are now thousands of teams registered to play paintball competitively here in the United States and you can now also catch it on TV occasionally. So with the popularity of paintballing skyrocketing how does one get started with the sport?

paintball helmet


First of all your weapon isn’t actually called a paintball gun it’s called a paintball marker and it is your primary and most important piece of equipment in paintball.

If you are new to the sport and you still don’t know whether or not you will like it your best bet may be to rent equipment at the field. Renting a paintball marker is a great idea because as a beginner you don’t really know yet the difference between a good marker and a bad marker and right now would be a bad time to make such an investment.

Paintballs will be used as your ammunition and they are basically round gelatin capsules filled with paint that are designed to pop upon impact. They might sting a little if they hit you and it’s a good idea to pick up some goggles or a mask to protect your eyes from stray paintballs. Paintballing normally takes place outside and there are typically all varieties of obstructions and obstacles to providing cover for both teams. The more obstacles the better is the philosophy of most paintball enthusiasts. The most common game in paintballing is “capture the flag” where your goal is to capture the flag of your opposition. Paintballing can be fun for the whole family and inexpensive and it also provides good exercise.

Your kids will love it because it will be like a live video game!

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